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Our season ends…

Neighbourhood Watch was a pleasing success.  We knew this was a challenging play – wordy and longer than usual – but the audiences were in agreement with us that Ayckbourn’s words are well worth listening to.  Thought provoking and easy to extrapolate to current affairs it was never the less balanced with many touches of his well-placed humour – think ‘Hedgetrimmer’ for one.  Photos of the performance will be posted shortly, so ensure you have entered your email address under ‘Follow Us’ to be the first to see them.

Now we move on to our summer ‘rest’ phase which, of course is no rest at all.  We are already thinking about plays for 2016/17 and we will be reading through scripts over the next few weeks. Have you any ideas, favourites, new plays, old plays that you would like to see us perform? 

But firstly we have our Open Night on 9 May where we hope to interact with audience friends and newcomers and show who we are and what we do and answer your questions.  Obviously we also hope to attract new members as helpers and/or actors – more on that interesting issue in a future post….


Not long to Neighbourhood Watch

Yes, the realisation is dawning on the actors that our next play is less than two weeks away from going live on stage.

Find out more about Neighbourhood Watch here.

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It’s a challenging and time-consuming period for everyone as the number of rehearsals increase and we tease out the detail and the lines.  But more than that, we introduce the music, the sound effects and the props, plan the scene changes, devise and publish the programme in readiness for opening night.

Next week sees the final rehearsals in ‘The Forum’ (the rather grand name for our drama hut and rehearsal room adjacent to the Village Hall) before we have a busy weekend of set building and building the seating in readiness for the performances.  Only then can we translate the work we have done onto a stage environment – the Technical Rehearsal – which will work out our lighting, sounds and stage entrances and exits, scene changes and back stage functions.

Come and see the results of our efforts 28 / 29 / 30 April.

Neighbourhood Watch poster goes live

Poster for Neighbourhood Watch
Poster for Neighbourhood Watch

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For our final play of the season we return to the master, Ayckbourn and a successful comedy penned as recently as 2011.  Brother and sister Martin and Hilda Massie live together, leading a quiet, Christian existence in the confines of the Bluebell Hill Development. As they prepare for a housewarming gathering, their peace is shattered by a young trespasser in their garden. The Massies’ neighbours congregate in their living room and together they agree to form a neighbourhood watch group to safeguard against further incidents….  but then an incident involving Monty the gnome escalates their plans…

New Project 2016-03-07 23-52-49
a break in rehearsals for Neighbourhood Watch

Produced by Janet Drewery.  Front row L to R: Dianne Turner as Hilda, Steve Howland as Martin, Gill Collins as Amy.  Back row L to R: Rob Newton as Gareth, Barbara Failey as Dorothy, Nic Johnson as Magda, Wyn Price as Rod and Adam Craven as Luther

Oh and of course Monty as himself.