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Hard to believe (and guaranteed to raise the heart rate for the cast when they read this) but there are only 17 days to our first night of The Odd Couple (female version).  Rehearsals have increased to three nights per week now as we refine the detail and ensure our sounds and props are all part of the unseen flow of the play.


Our set building weekend in the Village Hall on Elloughton Road takes place on Fri / Sat / Sun am (19, 20, 21 October) which is always demanding work – if you feel you would like to offer your help why not get in touch?

We are also always in need of help on refreshments.  All those teas and coffees and juices and biscuits need to be provided quickly for the audience rush at the interval. Again, if you would like to help out on one (or more) performance nights then contact us.

If you would like to offer some help in any capacity please contact our secretary Dianne to discuss, using the contact details here


Steve Turner our friendly and efficient Ticket Secretary takes his job very seriously.  Getting 150 audience members to pay, provide their tickets, get them through and seated in 30 minutes is no mean task.  Which means friendly Steve can turn ugly Steve when we commandeer his ticket desk as part of the stage set furniture.  Which we seem to do rather too often.

But this time, friendly Steve will be ecstatic Steve when he sits behind our new Ticket Reception & Cash Handling Facility (a desk).  Not just any desk.  Still glowing from watching his sash windows construction star in our last play, we commissioned Mike Morland to face the ultimate challenge of providing a desk that would make Steve T smile.

So with a pack-away easy-store desk with cash drawers and all mod cons meeting his own brief he should be a happy man this October.  Although when he saw it he did ponder on the addition of a perspex screen, a panic alarm, and an overhead flashing light with a speaker that said “Cashier number one please…… cashier number one please….”



Our Poster for ‘The Odd Couple’

As rehearsals for our next play continue apace we are pleased to show you our latest poster. These should start to appear on noticeboards here and there during the next week. (We may have a few spares – if you have a noticeboard / shop / public place and would like to display an A4 or smaller A5 poster / handout please get in touch)

Have you booked yet…? Tickets are now on sale.

Tickets Now On Sale!

For those of you champing at the bit, eager to grab those prime seats then we have good news for you: tickets are now on sale. Some seats are already reserved but then that is one of the perks of being a season ticket holder – your favourite seats reserved for all three plays upfront.

If you would like to be a season ticket holder or simply reserve your tickets for our next play go to our Book Tickets page to read about what we have to offer and how to contact us.


  • HAVING THE CORRECT CHANGE – this will help us enormously and speed up the entry process, thank you.
  • IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL OR CAN’T MAKE IT ON THE NIGHT you can help us by contacting us at anytime since we often have people on our reserve list awaiting cancellations

You can also find out what our productions are for the new season by visiting our What’s On Page. And if you have missed our recent blog posts about the three plays then make sure you scroll though our front page.

At the moment we are of course busy with rehearsals for Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple (female version) which you can read about here.  Although we had decided to run this play before his death, it will serve as a tribute to Neil Simon who passed away on 26 August at the age of 91. Apart from the Odd Couple, we have enjoyed performing a number of his scripts, especially the ‘Suite’ plays.

The cast of The Odd Couple (female version) on rehearsal night

For those of you who subscribe to the emails, the mysterious arrival of the above photo last week is now explained – a case of premature finger pressing.

Our 3rd play announced…

Our previous posts announced the first two plays of our 2018-2019 season, The Odd Couple (female version) and Double Top (click the links to read the posts).  So, although it seems a long way off to think about it, how will we end our season?

Our third play will be (sound trumpet fanfare):

Take Away The Lady by Jimmie Chinn


This time we drift away a little from our usual fare of comedies and farces and treat you to a crime mystery.  Jayne Hewson will be directing and it won’t be the first time she has put together a Jimmie Chinn production. Three years ago we did Sylvia’s Wedding and we enjoyed his story telling and style. It was this experience that drew Jayne to search for more of his plays during our summer reading and planning period. She discovered that his plays cover a range of styles and subjects and she was surprised to see that he had written what appeared to be a traditional Agatha Christie-ish whodunnit.  “I was intrigued – I read it and enjoyed it and so submitted it to the group” she said, and was pleased to find that the reading went well. “Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was well received by everyone including our more youthful members so it was nice to see that it could be appreciated by a younger audience too.” 
How so?
“Well, it’s different to our usual plays – not modern but not period. By that I mean some plays seem very dated in the way they are written.” Jayne explained that she had expected the rather stilted feel of a post-war Agatha Christie – its set in a family country house, perhaps in the late fifties / early sixties with a murderer in the midst – but then realised that he had written this in the 1980s in his more natural and observational style, and all the better for it.

A scene from Jimmie Chinn’s drama – Sylvia’s Wedding in 2015

In the play Chinn gives us glimpses into a cupboard full of family skeletons, together with some serious, and not so serious, detective work that keeps everyone guessing until the end:

Returning home from prison, after serving fifteen years for allegedly murdering his mother, Matthew finds his three sisters, his wife and his father waiting for him. Still protesting his innocence, Matthew’s arrival prompts the question, if he didn’t kill Mother, who did – scornful Celia, dotty Emma, cold Lavinia, flighty Gilda or even gentle Father?

As Jayne says “It’s not a comedy but it does have humour. It’s a wonderful gentle thriller with everyone a possible suspect and it has a few nice twists along the way.”

For now the scripts are put to one side as we work through rehearsals for the first play but we feel it will round off the season nicely – a classic big-hit comedy,  then a modern local drama/comedy to the finale of a gentle but intriguing thriller.

See our Whats’ On page here to see our full programme.

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