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Back to work

Say It With Flowers. With Janet Drewery producing, blocking and early rehearsals are under way.

Our last production seems a long time ago because we are already well into early rehearsals for our play at the end of January – Jane Thornton’s ‘Say It With Flowers‘.

Say It With Flowers by Jane Thornton will be showing 30th & 31st January & 1st February. Booking is open.

We will be posting more about this production shortly and update you on progress. But before we do our next post will feature the photo gallery we promised from ‘Passing Strangers’ before it disappears into history.

Meanwhile we are pleased to say that all the work we carried out on in-house repairs plus drainage work has meant that for the first time ever we survived the recent deluges and the Forum is still – say it quietly – dry.

10 DAYS to Passing Strangers

Have you got your tickets yet?

Suddenly we are in our last week of rehearsals before we transfer our latest production to the stage. Exciting times! This Friday we will commence building the set and converting the Village Hall into a theatre with a lot of effort, sweat, time, laughs and, on Saturday, our traditional fish and chips lunch.

So as we put our final tweaks to rehearsals it is time to check if you have tickets booked. Read more about this play by clicking here or apply for tickets here.

The cast of Passing Strangers back at the initial reading

BOOKING NOW FOR Passing strangers

Time to book your tickets and view our new poster

Our next production is Eric Chappell’s humorous take on two women and two men who meet at a Singles Night – Passing Strangers. (You can read all about it in our last post by clicking on the link here: Passing Strangers )

So it’s time to reveal our new poster which is ready for promotion at last and it is also a timely reminder to ensure you reserve your seats for the end of October.

Booking is easy – visit our page here to find out how.

Forum flooding update

As rehearsals progress we continue to battle with water ingress into our Forum rehearsal rooms and our acting space is shrinking as we try to dry it out. However, we have plans and have been making progress. Our room may be dampened but not our spirits!

Mike’s efforts have already made massive improvements

Our next phase is to look at drainage and if that fails we will be employing the services of King Canute or building a dam.