Past Productions List

For those who like to look at our history, see the list below of our productions from our beginnings in 1961

An early production
2018 January RolePlay Alan Ayckbourn
2017 October Generations Apart Peter Gordon
2017 April The Hallelujah Girls Jones, Hope & Wooten
2017 January A Kick in the Baubles Gordon Steel
2016 October Spirit Level Pam Valentine
2016 April Neighbourhood Watch Alan Ayckbourn
2016 January Black Comedy Peter Shaffer
2015 October Sylvia’s Wedding Jimmie Chinn
2015 April Absurd Person Singular Alan Ayckbourn
2015 January Fool’s Paradise Peter Coke
2014 October Cash on Delivery Michael Cooney
2014 May Key For Two John Chapman & Dave Freeman
2014 January Calendar Girls Tim Firth
2013 October Wife After Death Eric Chappell
2013 May Time of My Life Alan Ayckbourn
2013 January Where there’s a Will Norman Robbins
2012 October Cheshire Cats Gail Young
2012 May London Suite Neil Simon
2012 January Summer End Eric Chappell
2011 October The Cemetery Club Ivan Menchell
2011 June Murder Mystery Evening
2011 May Outside Edge Richard Harris
2011 January Fly Me to the Moon John Godber
2010 October California Suite Neil Simon
2010 April Rumours Neil Simon
2010 January Curtain Up Peter Quilter
2009 October Ladies Down Under Amanda Whittington
2009 April Kindly Leave the Stage John Chapman
2009 January A Month of Sundays Bob Larbey
2008 October Confusions Alan Ayckbourn
2008 May Improbable Fiction Alan Ayckbourn
2008 January Ladies Day Amanda Whittington
2007 Oct Plaza Suite Neil Simon
2007 May Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn
2007 February The Anniversary Bill MacIlwraith
2006 October The Odd Couple (Female version) Neil Simon
2006 April There Goes the Bride Ray Cooney & John Chapman
2006 January Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn
2005 October Third Week in August Peter Gordon
2005 April Steel Magnolias Robert Harling
2005 January Lucky Sods John Godber
2004 October Seeds of Doubt Peter Gordon
2004 April Out of Focus Peter Gordon
2004 January How The Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn
2003 October Farndale Murder Mystery David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr
2003 May Secondary Cause of Death Peter Gordon
2003 January Happy Families John Godber
2002 October Caught on the Hop Derek Benfield
2002 April The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
2002 January Wife Begins at Forty Arne Sultan, Earl Barret & Ray Cooney
2001 October Trivial Pursuits Frank Vickery
2001 April A Tomb with a View Norman Robbins
2001 January The Happiest Days of Your Life John Dighton
2000 October Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn
2000 April Stepping Out Richard Harris
2000 January See How They Run Phillip King
1999 October Charley’s Aunt Brandon Thomas
1999 April Hindle Wakes Stanley Houghton
1999 January Absurd Person Singular Alan Ayckbourn
1998 October Move Over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney & John Chapman
1998 April Out of Order Ray Cooney
1998 January Before the Party Rodney Ackland
1997 October Children’s Day Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
1997 April Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime Constance Cox
1997 January Zack Harold Brighouse
1996 October It Runs in the Family Ray Cooney
1996 April Ten Times Table Alan Ayckbourn
1996 January When We Are Married J B Priestley
1995 October Diplomatic Baggage John Chapman
1995 April Rock-a-bye Sailor P King & F L Cary
1995 January The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley
1994 December Come Out to Play Mary Witt
1994 October California Suite Neil Simon
1994 April Tons of Money
1994 January Angels in Love
1993 October Dry Rot
1993 April Goodness, How Sad
1993 January Beyond a Joke
1992 October Celebration
1991 January Autumn Manouevres
1990 October Boeing – Boeing
1990 April Sailor Beware
1990 Januay Suddenly at Home
1989 October A Ghost on Tiptoe
1989 April Not Now Darling
1989 January Miranda
1988 October Touch and Go
1988 April Home and Beauty
1988 January Pack of Lies
1987 October Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something
1987 April There Goes the Bride
1987 January Midsummer Mink
1986 October Round and Round the Garden
1986 April Thark
1986 January House Guest
1985 October Key For Two
1985 April Uproar in the House
1985 January Fallen Angels
1984 October Farewell, Farewell Eugene
1984 April Move Over Mrs Markham
1984 January Laburnum Grove
1983 October Table Manners
1983 April Outside Edge
1983 January The Importance of Being Earnest
1982 October Plaza Suite
1982 April Aunt Edwina
1982 January Relatively Speaking
1981 October Night Must Fall
1981 April Harvey
1981 January Book of the Month
1980 October Stringer’s Last Stand
1980 April Eden End
1980 January Patrick Pearse Motel
1979 October Rookery Nook
1979 April How The Other Half Loves
1979 January Who Killed Santa Claus
1978 October Collapse of Stout Party
1978 April Flarepath
1978 January Caste
1977 October Just The Ticket
1977 April Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime
1977 January Outward Bound
1976 October The Happiest Days of Your Life
1976 April Figure of Fun
1976 January My Three Angels
1975 October Lloyd George Knew My Father
1975 April Billy Liar
1975 January Trespass
1974 October Aresenic and Old Lace
1974 April Hay Fever
1974 January Wait Until Dark
1973 October The King’s Mare
1973 April Semi-detached
1973 January Angels in Love
1972 October Not Now Darling
1972 April Come Laughing Home
1972 January Dead On Nine
1971 October Out of the Question
1971 April The Anniversary
1971 January Pink String and Sealing Wax
1970 October All Things Bright and Beautiful
1970 April The House by the Lake
1970 January The Grass is Greener
1969 April A Month of Sundays
1969 January Boeing – Boeing
1968 October Barefoot in the Park
1968 April Your Obedient Servant
1968 January Make Me A Widow
1967 October Every Other Evening
1967 April Rattle of a Simple Man
1967 January Gaslight
1966 October Breath of Spring
1966 April Silver Wedding
1966 January Wuthering Heights
1965 October The Seven Yeart Itch
1965 April Duet for Two Hands
1965 January Bell, Book and Candle
1964 December The Rape of the Belt
1964 April Something to Hide
1964 January Fools Rush In
1963 October After My Fashion
1963 April The More the Merrier
1963 January The Sound of Music
1962 October Gigi
1962 April On Monday Next
1962 January Granite
1961 October We Have Company
1961 April Sabrina Fair


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