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Coming soon…

Our first play is already in rehearsal.   Here’s a little bit about it…


October 26th, 27th, 28th 2017

We start our season with a lovely warm-humoured and sentimental comedy from the always popular Peter Gordon.

Having met Anne at the 1969 Isle of Wight music festival, Paul decides to run off with her to a mainland commune, leaving behind his conservative life on the island. However when his family circumstances change, he is forced to rethink his options. Many years later, a chance encounter with Anne’s daughter leads Paul back in to the past. A must for all who remember the heady days of the hippy!

Directed by Richard Bateman

Cast includes:  Steve Howland, Tom Fryer, Rachel Miller, Jayne Hewson, Wyn Price, Janet Drewery

GA_FBevent copy

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Georgia on my mind..

An old abandoned church in Eden Falls in the state of Georgia – also known as the Ellloughton-Brough Village Hall stage – is ready to receive The Hallelujah Girls.

The cast have just finished dress rehearsal and are rarin’ to go.  Visit the Spa-Dee-Dah! for your relaxing facial as you stretch those laughter lines,  have yourself a massage of  therapeutic laughter and bathe in a warm glow of fun provided by the Petuaria Players.

Post play chat on stage with the Producer 

This Thursday, Friday, Saturday 27th, 28th, 29th April.

Xmas is (almost) upon us…

Still looking for that last minute Christmas present?  A value for money bargain? Something with a strong Christmas flavour? For your partner, friends, or just to treat yourself?

Ah, you guessed, didn’t you?  Yes it’s tickets for ‘A Kick In The Baubles’.    We know you are busy this week getting ready for that festive period just days away but if you have a moment it’s not a bad idea to book your tickets now.  Sales are going very well and we are ahead of our usual position with half of all seats already sold for every night – so if you want to get a good seat in your preferred rows then booking now is essential.

Meanwhile rehearsals have been continuing apace and we will fit in some work over the festive break to maintain momentum.  It’s now that our publicity starts to kick in.  We already have our posters ready for distribution and today we have been listed in the Hull City of Culture 2017 Events – click here to view our full listing.

Our listing on Hull City of Culture 2017 website

Now it may be optimistic to think that we will get the same response as Richard Bean’s ‘The Hypocrite’ from it – or to crash the servers as with the ‘In With a Bang’ fireworks display – but you never know 😉


KITB 3:Work Hard, Party Hard

So here is our latest update. And about time too you might say. Well, I’ll have you know that the excuse best employed here is that we are SO BUSY. The rehearsals, yes, but there are many other strands that are now being actively followed up. At any rehearsal you can find Sue scribbling in her book adding yet more props to the already extensive list as Gareth adds another little detail. Sourcing props can be a challenge but as this play has a Xmas theme then shopping for baubles is somewhat easier due to that impending event on December 25th. If you hear reports from Xmas-stuffed Garden Centres of a surge in sales this year it’s probably us.
This play is sound-rich. It is obvious when you read the script but became more obvious when we got the Sound and Lighting Cues spreadsheet from Gareth and I had to load more paper in the printer. Without doubt this is the largest list of sounds and effects we have attempted so lifting us to another welcome challenge.
Next up (don’t you just hate that expression, sounds like Channel 4) is to create our publicity photo and the production of flyers and posters and then onto distribution.
And amongst all that we continue with rehearsals and the cast are desperately trying to learn lines.  We finished all the blocking last week. Blocking Jim, but not as we know it. apc_0163This has been very detailed blocking that has covered not just our basic moves but how, we move, our whole body language, what we do with our props, our words, their delivery, expression, the pauses, the emotion – and what our character is thinking or reacting to and why. All this is scrawled in our scripts each in our own versions of shorthand.
Now it is time to put all of that into practice and get to that hard point where we attempt do all of that without having to look in our scripts….
But in the midst of all that we still had time to let our hair down at our annual Christmas Dinner Dance.

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Tickets are available now – reserve your seats here.