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Booking is open for Absurd Person Singular

Booking is open
Booking is open

As if you didn’t know already! Yes tickets are already selling and this play is bound to be popular so get on the phone now or, of course email us for tickets.  Contact details are in the poster and go to the Events page.

We’ve come a long way..

The Petuaria Players have come a long way since 1961 and time moves fast – it doesn’t seem like four First Play copy 3years since our 50th Anniversary. That year we celebrated with a repeat of a wonderful play we did years ago, Outside Edge. Its cricketing theme gave us our anniversary headline: 50 Not Out! 

And for an extra celebratory event we performed a very popular Murder Mystery Night with Dinner in the Village Hall.

Welcome to our new website!

When our old website provider closed down a couple of years ago we lost our web presence apart from our successful Facebook page.  Of course, not everyone uses (or wants to use!) Facebook and we have often been asked if we have a website accessible to all.

Creating such a thing takes time and, as a small group, our energy has been focussed on delivering three plays a year. But now, at last, we are exploring our return to the world wide web.  We are still very much in a development phase and changes may be frequent so watch this space…