Happy Easter – summer programme

The Petuaria Players are pleased to announce this morning a new experimental summer season.

Normally during the summer months we take a well deserved break but this year we have opted for a full-on action package that will thrill our audiences.

Using a zip line in the auditorium, suspended above the audience, Richard Bateman will revive his role as Superman, in the theatre version of Superman the Movie. You will believe a man can fly as we swing Richard through the air. The character of sinister Dr. Evil has yet to be cast as we have so many potential candidates, not least that heady debate as to whether the role of the Doctor should be cast as a woman or a man.

Inspired by the recent National Theatre production of Julius Caesar, where the audience were involved as the crowds of Rome, we are hoping to put on Shakespeare’s Henry V in which the audience will be armed with pikes and encouraged to enact the bloody Battle of Agincourt. Stage blood will be provided although we suspect there will be plenty of the real thing.

Dates to be confirmed. Enjoy your Easter!

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