Speaker announced!


This year at St. Andrew’s Hospital the annual international Ponsonby Christmas Lecture will be delivered by Dr. David Mortimer, Senior Specialist in Neurology and introduced by past Head Surgeon and Chairman of the Board of Governors, Sir Willoughby Drake.

Unless, of course, events take an unpredictable and hilarious turn before it can take place – one that sends Dr. Mortimore into a panic of deception and involving the appearance of ex-nurse Jane Tate, her son Leslie, the Police Sergeant chasing him, Dr Connolly who is more interested in his pantomime rehearsals, Dr Bonney in a permanent state of confusion and his mother, a scary Matron, a Ward Sister and a very annoying patient called Bill, not to mention Dr Mortimore’s wife, Rosemary. 

Whilst tickets for the Ponsonby Lecture are invitation-only to the world’s leading neurologists, the events taking place in the Doctor’s Common Room can be seen by getting your ticket for ‘It Runs In The Family’.  

A good choice of seats are still available for Saturday, but only limited seats left for Thursday and Friday. 

Reserve your tickets here


2 thoughts on “Speaker announced!”

  1. Sadly we will be away for this and not able to make the hat trick for this season! Good luck with it, sounds hilarious! See you next time Bev. 

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