Ready to RolePlay

Wednesday night was our Dress Rehearsal for Ayckbourn’s RolePlay.  It was a good night that in itself deserved an audience – well, we shall see what tonight brings. It’s first night and the nerves will be tingling, the heart rate up and the adrenaline pumped.  We are all looking forward to our short run.


The stage is set and ready to go

Backstage a scene of organised chaos

Rob (L) appearing relaxed on sound & lights & Dave Hackett (R) sets up for rehearsal photos (which, as usual will be available on here after the run)


Our Producer,Jayne, after Dress rehearsal seems happy with her work – now its all down to the cast and backstage to deliver.

We are ready to RolePlay!

Some tickets still available – click here


One thought on “Ready to RolePlay”

  1. Hi Steve So sorry to be missing this Ayckbourn play. Thinking of you. Break a leg to all involved. Just back from a long late lunch at El Molino Blanco. Fabulous. Not long now and you’ll be with us. Cheers G & T xx



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