All RolePlay’d out

It seems crazy. Just twelve weeks from initial move blocking to dismantling the set after the play.  A frenzied few days of set building, a performance week and then dismantling and packing away and by Sunday 1pm it was as though it had never happened – except for the buzz and the thrill of performing a wonderful script and the appreciative feedback of our audiences.

Justin’s riverside apartment

We were proud of the set which, as usual, was constructed over a weekend.  Somehow we were able to create within that limited space a lounge and galley kitchen, and the all-important balcony overlooking the river.

Backstage, the audience is in and 10 minutes to go to the final performance
As Derek and Dee Jobson, backstage, waiting to go on
The cast and their curtain call line-up

It was an enjoyable evening for all, not least for new member Gary (2nd from R), who successfully completed his first acting performance as ex-boxer and minder, Micky.

The after play party on the stage


RolePlay’s Director Jayne, justifiably pleased with the production, having after play drinks with Richard who had co-ordinated the construction of the set.  Without the help of his friends and other local supporters of our group we would not be able to complete our ambitious sets.

Jayne found time to bake a celebratory RolePlay cake to follow the pizzas and flowing wine

Our Monday night our General meeting confirmed what we already knew, that the play had proved popular with our audiences and that our ticket sales had led once again to almost capacity nights.  And we are seeing increasing numbers of new faces in our audiences too.

We can’t wait to show you our photos from the dress rehearsal performance in our next post, which will appear this week.

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RolePlay Programme
Our programme centre spread




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