IRITF: the photos

As the sunshine finally seems to be settling in as a normality rather than an exception, we look back to April and our closing play of the season, Ray Cooney’s farce ‘It Runs In The Family’.

Here are a few of the photos taken at dress rehearsal (courtesy as usual of our friend Dave Hackett).

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It (no longer) Runs In The Family

Wow. Excellent feedback from everyone on our now finished run of It Runs In The Family. It seems that a classic farce just tickles most people’s ribs, certainly from comments received and the laughter in the audience.

The after play party took place on stage late on Saturday night in a buoyant atmosphere – so here are a few photos of the earlier proceedings. However, once the pizzas had arrived and more wine was imbibed, the author of this page lost interest in photos….

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