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KITB 5: Here we go…

Here we are at last. Just over eleven weeks after our first rehearsal for ‘A Kick In The Baubles’, tonight saw our final rehearsal in The Forum before we take the show onto the stage.   And there are only around 15 seats left across the run so full houses are expected.

The Programmes are printed and ready
The Programmes are printed and ready

Everyone was buzzing and now eager to perform in front of an audience.  Well, there are only a few days to wait for that particular form of nervous pleasure….

So what next?  Friday and the weekend will be another form of hard work:  set-building, after which we will be on stage to run our Technical and Dress rehearsals.  If we thought we were busy over the last few weeks with extensive rehearsals and line learning then the two weeks of final rehearsals, set-building and performances are at another level.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the audience.

Happy New Year!

HNY2016Yes, its 2017, its January, its play month and  first night for A KICK IN THE BAUBLES is in 14 days! GulpEven if we say two weeks it still sounds scary as we recover from our festivities and seasonal ailments!

Its a case of picking up the momentum after the distraction of Christmas and New Year and so rehearsals have been intense over the last week and more.  In our cramped rehearsal room we are running scenes with sound effects and props and essential costume items all adding to the pressure.

Now, as we bring the whole play together to practice the full run throughs we also begin to plan our set building operations which start at the end of next week, Friday 20th.  And if you like a bit of DIY or even YDIIHI (You Do It, I’ll Hold It) then we always welcome help.

As we post this there are only 6 tickets left for Friday night, and the Thursday and Saturday are well filled too – so if you haven’t got your tickets yet don’t be disappointed, order them now by sending your request by clicking here:  Book Tickets

Happy Christmas!

Christmas prezzies!  It’s not easy is it. That moment when you’ve just gift-wrapped that Hermès scarf and Luis Vuitton bag, those First Class tickets to New York and the keys to a new Ferrari and you think “Mmm, not bad.. but how can I top this with one final gift?”
Well we are here to help – buying tickets for ‘A Kick In The Baubles’ will guarantee that look of appreciation from friends and loved ones….

Okay, enough of the selling for 2016. Now we are taking a short break. Rehearsals for this week are over and we will be back in the New Year with more news.
Meanwhile, from all of us at the Petuaria Players, we wish you —-

A Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year

Official poster for ‘A Kick In The Baubles’

KITB 4: Sounds Good


Sound editing
Editing & assembling the sound cue programme

Not all of our sound effects and music can be sourced from the internet – many are quite unique to the performance and all have to be mixed and edited or recorded specially.  As we said in the last post, this comedy is sound-rich and some sound cues needed to be created from scratch.  Our rehearsal hut,  the Forum has thin walls. So it was with some amusement we had to record some rather loud adult sounds that could only be awarded an 18 rating.  We can only imagine what anyone passing outside would think we get up to in there.  When we realised it was leaving time at the Scout hut next door we thought we’d better take a break, although I’m sure some of them were thinking that they might be applying to join in the near future.


But now it’s done and our laptop is loaded with 95 programmed sound cue actions and is set up to use in rehearsals. Richard and new member Reuben have been let loose on the keyboard and armed with  cue-marked script have helped uplift our rehearsals this week to the next level.

Coming soon…  our publicity poster, learning lines, more rehearsal insights… oh, and Christmas!

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