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Not long to Neighbourhood Watch

Yes, the realisation is dawning on the actors that our next play is less than two weeks away from going live on stage.

Find out more about Neighbourhood Watch here.

Have you booked your tickets yet?  Click here for details.

It’s a challenging and time-consuming period for everyone as the number of rehearsals increase and we tease out the detail and the lines.  But more than that, we introduce the music, the sound effects and the props, plan the scene changes, devise and publish the programme in readiness for opening night.

Next week sees the final rehearsals in ‘The Forum’ (the rather grand name for our drama hut and rehearsal room adjacent to the Village Hall) before we have a busy weekend of set building and building the seating in readiness for the performances.  Only then can we translate the work we have done onto a stage environment – the Technical Rehearsal – which will work out our lighting, sounds and stage entrances and exits, scene changes and back stage functions.

Come and see the results of our efforts 28 / 29 / 30 April.


Rehearsals for Black Comedy

Yes, no sooner has one play been completed than another one starts.  Rehearsals are already underway for our next production of ‘Black Comedy’ by Peter Shaffer.  Groping around in the dark takes on a whole new meaning for this comedy with its premise of switched lighting…  read more about it on our UP NEXT page.


Book Now for ‘Sylvia’s Wedding’

It’s never too early to book your tickets so why not check your diary now (for performances Oct 29, 30, 31).  You can use our email ticket request service or phone direct.   Full details are on our Book Tickets page.

And if you can’t make it this time make sure you put Black Comedy (January) and Neighbourhood Watch (April)  in your diary. Check out our new programme here: 2015 / 2016 Programme

SYLVIA’S WEDDING    by Jimmie Chinn

Thurs, Fri, Sat:  29th, 30th, 31st OCTOBER 2015 at 7.30pm

This is a lovely bitter sweet comedy drama by an author new to the Players.  After  ten years of courting Gordon finally proposes to Sylvia but this decision leads to family turmoil.  Sylvia’s parents, Joyce and Vic, are hardly the sort of people that Stanley, Gordon’s pompous father, wants his family connected with.  And Sylvia’s joy is dampened not only by family but also by her cynical best friend.  Despite all this wedding preparations go ahead but will Sylvia get to the altar and fulfil her dream?

The cast for Sylvia's Wedding
The cast for Sylvia’s Wedding starting rehearsals at The Forum