Our season ends…

Neighbourhood Watch was a pleasing success.  We knew this was a challenging play – wordy and longer than usual – but the audiences were in agreement with us that Ayckbourn’s words are well worth listening to.  Thought provoking and easy to extrapolate to current affairs it was never the less balanced with many touches of his well-placed humour – think ‘Hedgetrimmer’ for one.  Photos of the performance will be posted shortly, so ensure you have entered your email address under ‘Follow Us’ to be the first to see them.

Now we move on to our summer ‘rest’ phase which, of course is no rest at all.  We are already thinking about plays for 2016/17 and we will be reading through scripts over the next few weeks. Have you any ideas, favourites, new plays, old plays that you would like to see us perform? 

But firstly we have our Open Night on 9 May where we hope to interact with audience friends and newcomers and show who we are and what we do and answer your questions.  Obviously we also hope to attract new members as helpers and/or actors – more on that interesting issue in a future post….


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