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KITB 4: Sounds Good


Sound editing
Editing & assembling the sound cue programme

Not all of our sound effects and music can be sourced from the internet – many are quite unique to the performance and all have to be mixed and edited or recorded specially.  As we said in the last post, this comedy is sound-rich and some sound cues needed to be created from scratch.  Our rehearsal hut,  the Forum has thin walls. So it was with some amusement we had to record some rather loud adult sounds that could only be awarded an 18 rating.  We can only imagine what anyone passing outside would think we get up to in there.  When we realised it was leaving time at the Scout hut next door we thought we’d better take a break, although I’m sure some of them were thinking that they might be applying to join in the near future.


But now it’s done and our laptop is loaded with 95 programmed sound cue actions and is set up to use in rehearsals. Richard and new member Reuben have been let loose on the keyboard and armed with  cue-marked script have helped uplift our rehearsals this week to the next level.

Coming soon…  our publicity poster, learning lines, more rehearsal insights… oh, and Christmas!

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About A Kick in the Baubles

KITB 1: a production blog

As we begin twelve weeks of hard work for our next performance in January this seems a good opportunity to follow the process from the beginning of how we put on a play production with some regular (well, irregular) posts in this blog as we progress.  No, I don’t know what a blog is either but it sounds good.

Last Saturday we were performing our final night of ‘Spirit Level’ and six days later we have already had two rehearsals for the next. Now that is unusual but we need to get a Kick start to Kick In The Baubles – it’s a full-on comedy and we aim to be ambitious and we are asking our professional director to push us. Gareth Tudor Price is well known locally from his time at Hull Truck working with John Godber as Artistic Director.  He has been a long time supporter of our group and, his freelance production employment permitting,  has offered to produce this play with our own Janet Drewery.

When he heard that we were reading this play over the summer break and were considering it for our 2016/7 season he very kindly offered up his spare time to guide us in its production.  He had originally commissioned, produced and developed this play at Hull Truck and is keen to see what we can do with it. Having just finished his production of ‘Moby Dick’ in York, Gareth was keen to get some rehearsal miles under our belt.

Fresh from set-destruction the previous day, last Monday’s meeting had a pretty full attendance for a formal general meeting but then went straight into the first rehearsal night for KITB and….wow!  But more on that in our next post so if you haven’t already, sign up with your email to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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