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Generations Apart

Over the next few days our new poster will be seen around Brough, Elloughton and the surrounding villages. So it’s time to accelerate the promotion of our latest production which we will be performing at the end of October. Check out our links to learn more about this production or to book your tickets click here.

Coming soon…

Our first play is already in rehearsal.   Here’s a little bit about it…


October 26th, 27th, 28th 2017

We start our season with a lovely warm-humoured and sentimental comedy from the always popular Peter Gordon.

Having met Anne at the 1969 Isle of Wight music festival, Paul decides to run off with her to a mainland commune, leaving behind his conservative life on the island. However when his family circumstances change, he is forced to rethink his options. Many years later, a chance encounter with Anne’s daughter leads Paul back in to the past. A must for all who remember the heady days of the hippy!

Directed by Richard Bateman

Cast includes:  Steve Howland, Tom Fryer, Rachel Miller, Jayne Hewson, Wyn Price, Janet Drewery

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News Update: There is no news

I wonder if our local MP, David Davis, heading up those pesky Brexit talks thinks it's hard work negotiating the best outcome? Well, Mr. Davis, you have it easy, if you want to know about really tough challenges, negotiations, trying to get the best outcome, pleasing all constituents then try joining our Production sub-group as we sit around the table hour after hour trying to find the best-fit selection of plays for our 2017-18 season. Compromise. That's the key word. You can't please all of the people all of the time. That's the key phrase. Emerge with a united front and a clear direction. Just a few tips there.

For those who are eagerly awaiting the announcement of our new season we are getting close. We have a lovely selection of plays to choose from but the challenge as always is to find three that fit into the early, mid and late slots with available cast members.

A decision should be made by the weekend so watch this space for an announcement during next week. I bet David Davis wishes it was all over by next week! He's not alone there.

Still here!

Remember us? We have been quiet online but not so quiet in the Forum every Monday.  Our meetings continue and each week we find a new (sometimes old) play to read through and consider.  Every year we have the challenge of finding the magic combination; choosing three good scripts with casts that fit our actors’ availability, age and gender profiles.

Sometimes we are able to to read them in advance at home and others we sit and read together for the first time – sometimes this is a good experience and other times we turn the pages and then shuffle in embarrassment as we realise that the plot or the language may prove a little too much for the sensibilities of our local audiences.

Every week I become so engrossed in the readings that I forget to take a photo – so here is an accurate representation of when a play fails to stimulate our theatrical taste buds.  Note: any similarity to members alive or asleep is purely coincidental.

We have now had our Annual General Meeting and we have some news for you on that score, but that will save for our next post, coming shortly.    Meanwhile we are enjoying our summer break.

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