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Generations Apart: Yeah!

It’s really been a gas this time.  Oh man this play was totally far out.  We had such a fab time and our audiences really seemed to dig our performances.

Yes, suddenly it’s over and everything is packed away until our next production in three months time. We promised a good play and we delivered. Our audiences were treated to memories, great characters, laughter and tears, romance, high emotion and surprises.  A lovely play by the ever popular Peter Gordon, one that is just not performed enough.

And so we were very pleased to find Peter in our audience on our final night and to welcome him on stage after the performance for post-play drinks.  It was a great opportunity to discuss a play with its author and to appreciate the inspiration behind its creation.

So here are a couple of photos from our post play fun on stage. Watch out for more posts in the next week with photographs taken at the dress rehearsal.

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The cast with Peter Gordon seated centre: L-R Wyn Price, Tom Fryer, Jayne Hewson, Steve Howland, Janet Drewery, Rachel Miller.

Peter Gordon, the author of Generations Apart, on set with the cast & backstage crew.

Back row: Richard Bateman (Producer), Dianne Turner ( Costumes), Barbara Failey & Gill Collins (Props), Nic Johnson (Stage Manager)

Seated: Tom Fryer (Al), Wyn Price (Albert), Peter Gordon (Author), Janet Drewery (Olive)

Front Row: Reuben Sisson (Sound & Lights), Jayne Hewson (Anne), Steve Howland (Paul), Rachel Miller (Julie)

Generations Apart: this week!

Yes, after a lot of hard work we are almost ready to run Generations Apart with our first night only three days away.

We were pleased on Saturday to get a personal message from the author, Peter Gordon, wishing us well in our run and telling us it is one of his personal favourites. This play will add another to our long list of Peter Gordon’s comedies and plays that we have performed over the years.

This weekend we completed the stage set and the auditorium layout, turning it as usual from an empty hall to a room full of tiered seating with refreshments area. Our tech rehearsal is complete. The sounds and lights are done. A final dress rehearsal on Wednesday will check out the performance on stage – and then we just need you, our audiences. There are some seats left if you hurry.

Generations Apart

Over the next few days our new poster will be seen around Brough, Elloughton and the surrounding villages. So it’s time to accelerate the promotion of our latest production which we will be performing at the end of October. Check out our links to learn more about this production or to book your tickets click here.

Coming soon…

Our first play is already in rehearsal.   Here’s a little bit about it…


October 26th, 27th, 28th 2017

We start our season with a lovely warm-humoured and sentimental comedy from the always popular Peter Gordon.

Having met Anne at the 1969 Isle of Wight music festival, Paul decides to run off with her to a mainland commune, leaving behind his conservative life on the island. However when his family circumstances change, he is forced to rethink his options. Many years later, a chance encounter with Anne’s daughter leads Paul back in to the past. A must for all who remember the heady days of the hippy!

Directed by Richard Bateman

Cast includes:  Steve Howland, Tom Fryer, Rachel Miller, Jayne Hewson, Wyn Price, Janet Drewery

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