Golf – Love it or Hate it?

Either way, Par For The Course is for you.

As we approach our next production it’s worth saying that any dedicated and serious golfers in the audience should take heed that this is a comedy and may contain scenes that they find disturbing – rules that may be broken, behaviour unbecoming, techniques that may cause dismay. A special helpline has not been set up.

I say this because as a golf-ignoramus I was faced, a few years ago, with our visiting American friend and golf fanatic wanting a round of golf. My solution was to pair him up with our ticket secretary Steve Turner who kindly agreed if I would accompany them. As caddy.

My hopes of racing around the course in an electric go-kart were dashed when I had to manually pull a wheely-bag of clubs around like a lacky, the other two conversing in golfing terms that may as well have been in Russian, occasionally deferring to English for my benefit. I found that when asked for a 12 iron or whatever it was best policy to pull a random club from the bag and if I was unlucky enough to have picked the wrong one I could say ‘well this was what I suggest for this stroke guv…but.. your choice..’

My reaction to the rules, regulations and conventions were such that they deemed me some sort of anarchist. I’d already received instructions as to my attire and footwear, my idea of jeans and walking boots for walking across the grassy meadows of the course dismissed out of hand. And this extended to the golf course where both men went into some kind of apoplexy when I tried to take a short cut with the trolley across the green, insisting I had to walk around!

When I asked why some golfers felt the need to shout at the top of the voice that, so I assumed, they had just scored ‘FOUR!” they shook their heads in dismay and I realised that this world was definitely not for me. Something they both agreed with and felt relieved at.

Steve Turner and Paul from the US before I upset them

So whether you are like me, a golf-ignoramus, or a golf addict, golf widow, or prefer a good walk then come along to see this well-loved comedy performing May 11th, 12th, 13th. Seats still available with the best seats available on the Saturday night.

Reserve your tickets now. How to book tickets.

Par For The Course is a fun comedy written by the ever popular Peter Gordon and is based around the world of golf and the characters that inhabit it.

The cast, directed by Richard Bateman.

Even if you think that a caddy is something that holds tea leaves, a club is a chocolate biscuit and an eagle is a really big bird then this play is still for you. We hope to see you there.

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