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Based in the UK in glorious Yorkshire, retired from the food industry and spending more time with computers, photography and amateur dramatics and often combinations of all three.

Storage woes…

If you could see inside our rehearsal room, The Forum’, you would be amazed.  You might think it’s the reverse of Dr. Who’s Tardis – that it’s smaller on the inside than it is on the outside. untidy

That’s because we are obsessive hoarders. Tables, chairs, cupboard units, boxes of drapes, old telephones, suitcases… the list goes on, all piled up against the walls, shrinking the area we have to work. Amateur drama groups don’t like to get rid of their props and furniture, stuff that covers a range of tastes and periods, after all, you might need something for that next play….

So do you know of anywhere local where we could store some of our excess furniture and equipment?

An unused garage or lock-up? An empty outbuilding? Once again we are on the lookout for help in the local community.  If you know of anything perhaps you could contact us – we’ll be in the middle of the pile somewhere!

Got an old cooker?

ovenThe search is on for an old cooker for the set of our next play – ideally an old stand alone gas cooker but any will do as long as it is a stand alone type.  Any condition.  Contact us if you know of one.

We’ve come a long way..

The Petuaria Players have come a long way since 1961 and time moves fast – it doesn’t seem like four First Play copy 3years since our 50th Anniversary. That year we celebrated with a repeat of a wonderful play we did years ago, Outside Edge. Its cricketing theme gave us our anniversary headline: 50 Not Out! 

And for an extra celebratory event we performed a very popular Murder Mystery Night with Dinner in the Village Hall.