Traditionally, the end of October would have been the final performance of our current play. Two years ago at this time we were celebrating a successful run of Passing Strangers while unknown to us all a devastating virus was about to flourish. (Our next play, Say It With Flowers, would be performed in the following January oblivious to the lockdowns that would be in place only weeks later. )

None of us realised that, two years later in October 2021, we would still be inactive with no plays scheduled.

Many of you have been enquiring when we might resume, some assuming we are already in rehearsal, and it is rewarding to note the interest and desire to see us back on the stage to make you laugh, or cry or simply enjoy an evening of live theatre.

Plans for 2022

It is premature to make any announcements but the entire society is gathering in mid-November to discuss our return to the stage in 2022 and formulate our plans. You can be assured that we will keep you informed after the meeting and we hope that in a few weeks time we will be able to ask you to reserve dates in your calendar.

Have a scroll through the posters below as a reminder of our heritage of wonderful plays in the last few years. Looking at them brings back memories that make us all smile and be proud and act as inspiration for the future.

In the meantime, hang on, we are all waiting in the wings and eager to resume.

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