The Petuaria Players will return in 2022

Yes, it’s true. At last. We will be treading those boards once again and welcoming our audiences to live local theatre. So many people have been stopping members to ask – when is the next play? Well we have the answers – read on.

Recently the membership gathered together at The Forum for the first time since March 2020 for our much delayed Annual / Extraordinary General Meeting. One thing was clear – everyone was keen to get back to the stage. The sensible approach would be to wait until after Christmas and the New Year before embarking on a renewed schedule of meetings and rehearsals for a play.

Back at The Forum again

We also agreed that the most sensible choice of play to kick off our return would be Alan Ayckbourn’s FlatSpin. This was the play that was originally scheduled for April 2020, one which we had already been rehearsing and preparing for. It would be a good way of easing our way back in and, having been semi-rehearsed already, more able to cope with any unforeseen circumstances that this winter might still throw at us.

With some necessary casting changes agreed, a renewed performance licence obtained and dates booked at the Elloughton-Brough Village Hall we find ourselves in the position of having at last a plan for our return.

Make sure you have the dates 28th, 29th, 30th April marked in your calendars as tickets are sure to be in demand when we open the box office (probably in the New Year).

Ensure you are subscribed to this website or to our Facebook page for more updates. We look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

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