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Secret Conclave Concludes High Level Talks

The self-titled Script Committee emerged from secret talks at a carefully chosen location in Broomfleet this week with what promises to be an exciting play season ahead.  A trusted source has told this column that after lengthy deliberation a deal was finally reached.  “It was imperative that all parties reached agreement, we could not exit with a no-deal situation.”  Pressed for more information the spokesman insisted a press release would be issued next week announcing the full details.  We will endeavour to bring you that breaking news when it breaks.

Retired man entering Forum ‘horrified’ and you won’t believe what he saw

A mature member of the Petuaria Players, apparently prone to hyperbole, was utterly horrified and overwhelmed upon entering the rehearsal room of the popular Brough drama society.  “I was utterly horrified and overwhelmed” he told our reporter. “I have never seen anything like it since the last time it happened.”

Yes, once again the Forum has been flooded. In the midst of the ongoing summer heatwave that last weekend of electrical storms and the deluge pushed the water through the back wall of our hut causing mayhem. It is, shall we say, awash, bedraggled, dowsed, drenched, dripping, saturated, soaked, soaking, soggy, sopping, water-soaked, waterlogged.  Or wet. A dehumidifier is running around the clock now to try and dry us out before rehearsals start for our first play. Currently it feels like an unsavoury sauna.

Sadly, this has been a problem for some time and we are currently attempting to fund some major work to replace some sections.  In an ideal world we would replace the entire hut but that remains a distant item on a wish-list.

Petuaria Summer Break Nears End

The members have been taking a well earned rest (from productions anyway) – a long hot summer that has had those of us who are retired jealous of our still working colleagues in their air-conditioned offices. (That is definitely fake, Ed)

Monday evenings have still seen us gathering at the Forum each week to read through plays being presented as potential candidates for 2018-2019.

Our AGM took place in June and we were pleased that Mo Spence accepted the role once again as President for ‘just one more year’ and the existing committee was re-elected with the addition of Sue Hart who we welcome to the inner sanctum.

So as we approach our 57th season here’s a few photos from the olden days (with apologies to existing members who are actually on these dusty archived prints).


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