Spirit Level

Finally – its time to announce our new season.  Our programme is now confirmed. All that reading of new plays over the summer and then the hard work of casting is done and we are excited about the year ahead. This year we have a nice blend of three very different comedies and all no more than ten years old, one of which will see professional involvement….  but we’ll leave that for the next post.  Our first play however will be –

SPIRIT LEVEL by Pam Valentine

October 27, 28, 29 2016

Before their recent untimely deaths, Cobbler’s Cottage was home to famous author of crime novels Jack Cameron and his wife Susie. A young couple, Flic and her husband Simon, an aspiring crime writer, are especially keen to rent the cottage when they discover the connection with the previous tenants, despite the odd behaviour of the somewhat spooked and nervous estate agent. But does Cobbler’s Cottage have a stronger connection to Jack and Susie than they imagined? And can they help the young couple through their problems, not least with Flic’s monstrous interfering mother, even from beyond the grave?

A funny and warm comedy play from Pam Valentine, produced by Jayne Hewson.

Cast: (order of appearance) Steve Howland, Gill Collins, Wyn Price, Tom Fryer, Nic Johnson, Barbara Failey, Sue Hart.

4 thoughts on “Spirit Level”

    1. Hi. Anytime. You can go to our Book Tickets page on this site and submit your request online and our Tickets Officer will get back to you. Alternatively use the phone number on that page. Thanks.


  1. Hello Steve

    Could I reserve four seats please for Saturday, 28 October – preferably on the second to back row?

    Looking forward to the start of the Petuaria Players season.

    Best wishes

    Jo Cross


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