Decision time

What a time we have had recently eh?  Decisions to make. Debates. Arguments. Reading, reading, reading. Will there be resignations? Who will be the new leader? Who will fill the various posts? Do we have a plan going forward? What about our finances?

No, not the Referendum… our Annual General Meeting on Monday.

Yes it’s been a summer of reading scripts to decide upon our 2016/7 programme.  A big effort has been made this year to source new plays and we have enjoyed reading them.  That part is almost complete and in the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the potential plays to perform and it looks exciting.   As soon as we have the programme agreed we will announce it initially through this page and our Facebook site.

The AGM agreed the society posts for the coming year. We are very pleased to announce that Mo Spence has accepted our request to retain her position as President once again.  The committee members will remain the same as last year and Richard Bateman was voted to remain as Chair.  (View our committee  here.)

Ticket prices have been frozen again at £6.  No that’s not a typo – six pounds will get you a night’s live entertainment and a free programme and a hot or cold drink and biscuit.  Now where else can you get that?

The meeting also elected our Producers for this year and again, details will be announced when we have the programme agreed so watch this space…..

Meanwhile keep the 27th, 28th, 29th October free – whatever we choose you know it will be a good night out.

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