It’s play reading time again

Yes, it’s our summer ‘break’ but only in the sense that we are not rehearsing a production.  It’s the time that when we are not basking in sunshine we are researching potential new plays and reading scripts and discussing what our 2016/7 season might be.

So we have nothing to tell you yet.  However, our mole can reveal what we are not doing.  Whether our source is bona-fide and accurate is debatable 😉

There is no truth in the rumour that we would ever do ‘The Full Monty‘. This play requires too many men and all with big parts. It was considered we could not meet all the relevant criteria. Rejected.

The Play That Went Wrong‘ has been described as a very funny successful comedy and physical farce about an amateur drama group where everything goes wrong on stage. Sounds to us more like a documentary. Rejected.

Plans for the annual Xmas pantomime have been postponed for the 52nd year running so let us repeat our message: We don’t do pantomimes. Oh yes you do. Oh no we don’t….

Our first attempt at a musical ‘The Sound of Music‘ has been abandoned as we risk breaking the trade descriptions act. Rejected.

Someone was keen on doing a Chekhov play until we pointed out he really, really wasn’t the Russian guy from Star Trek. Rejected.

Being a 400th anniversary year, it was suggested we perform a Shakespeare play as a tribute to his literary brilliance. Then we decided that the most respectful tribute we could do was NOT to perform a Shakespeare play… Rejected.

Enjoy your summer from all at Petuaria Players.

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