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16 years ago…..

Our original 1999 production of Absurd Person Singular
Our original 1999 production of Absurd Person Singular

Tomorrow night is our Dress Rehearsal for Absurd Person Singular.  But did you know we first performed this play back in 1999? This play was a favourite of Bernard Reuben, a long serving member of the group who died almost a year ago.  We selected this play as a tribute to him and some of our actors are resuming their original roles with Rob Newton and Jayne Hewson as the Jacksons and Gill Collins as Jane Hopcroft. Steve Howland takes Bernard’s original part of Sidney and the Brewster-Wrights are this time performed by Janet Drewery and Wyn Price. Richard Bateman, as in 1999, is producing and directing.

The hard work begins…

Elloughton / Brough Village Hall looked very empty this morning at 10am.  How different it will look by Sunday afternoon! A few of us started the demanding three day process of building the set for Absurd Person Singular.  It’s a demanding process, not least for this play as we will reveal later. By Sunday afternoon the main hall will have the tiers built, the seats in place,  the entrance and refreshments area ready, the sound system in place, lighting set, the stage set fully built and all the backstage props and costume areas ready.  Demanding stuff!