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Next: Take Away The Lady


Yes, here we go again.  Rehearsals for our final play of the 2018-2019 season began a couple of weeks ago with our cast working through the initial blocking. Now the hard work begins.

We like to mix our styles and give you different plays and Take Away The Lady follows on from our more modern and earthy performance of Double Top with this, a ‘play of suspense’, a whodunnit by Jimmy Chinn.  Set somewhere around the 1950s, The Doubletree family gather for a surprise visit, one that raises questions about the death of their mother some 15 years ago.

Jayne Hewson as director kicks off the first rehearsal with the cast

You can read more about the play and also get in early with your ticket reservations by following these links;

About Take Away The Lady

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And before we forget the fun and success of Double Top watch out shortly for our next post with our photo gallery from the play.




Double Top & Game!

To say the atmosphere was buzzing after the final night of ‘Double Top’ would be an understatement. The post-play adrenaline, the obvious popularity of the play and the enjoyment of being a part of this great production guaranteed a great party on stage.

After play party in the perfect setting on stage – the “White Hart”
Mike & Sally Morland – mine hosts after the play. 

Once again it was thanks to Mike Morland’s skills in creating such a believeable bar but he had to wait until Saturday night after the play before we brought real alcohol into our ‘pub’.



If we were worried that a more earthy kind of play would be an issue then our fears were displaced from the first night as word spread and gave us a virtual sell out on every night.  Only the incredible Kick In The Baubles and Calendar Girls can beat the success of this production. Ron Rose’s wonderfully crafted play with its natural language, laughter, tears and music is something we will remember for a long time.  And our thanks also to Gareth Tudor Price for his choreography of the feature fight scene and other well-received tips and it was a pleasure and an honour to have Ron join us in a real pub after our first night’s performance on Thursday.

A seemingly relaxed backstage half an hour before the play

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Last Chance…

Everybody’s talking about our first night and how they enjoyed it and word is spreading.

We still have some tickets left for Saturday night – so this is your last chance to enjoy a Hull-based drama not seen locally since the Hull Truck production years ago. With laughter, tears, music and darts come and see this wonderful play by Ron Rose. Don’t miss out.

Tickets at this stage are best obtained by phoning our ticket secretary on : 01482 666908

Last Chance for Tickets

Come and join Kath and her mates down at the ‘White Hart’ (aka the Village Hall in Brough) and follow them on their journey of life, loves, troubles and darts.
Yes, this weekend we managed to complete the stage set for this wonderful play and we can tease you with a glimpse of what is to come. We now run our final Technical and Dress Rehearsals and then go live to the public for three nights only – this Thursday, Friday, Saturday (24, 25, 26 January) Tickets are still available. Don’t miss your chance.
DOUBLE TOP by Ron Rose (contains adult themes and some strong language and a lot of laughs!)

Read more here. Book Tickets here.