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Onto the next play…

With Black Comedy already over we are already working on the next play, due for performance at the end of April.  That will be Alan Ayckbourn‘s wonderful Neighbourhood Watch and details are already available on our Up Next page (oh, and its never too early to book if you want to reserve the best seats now).

Meanwhile, watch out for our Black Comedy report and our gallery of photos in our next post in a few days time.

Traditional drinks on stage after the last night.
Traditional drinks on stage after the last night.

First Night thoughts

So last night was First Night for Black Comedy and what an excellent night it was too.  Two nights to go and seats are still available for Saturday if you know of anyone who needs a good laugh.

From the actor’s perspective First Night is a journey of discovery. Whilst professionals usually have the advantage of preview nights to test and refine with an audience we face an audience for the first time not really knowing what the reactions will be. Will they laugh at that line, that move? And it works the other way too, during the performance you can find people laughing at lines or actions that you never realised were funny.

So First Night requires not just a case of settling those nerves but also managing the unexpected, unanticipated reactions of the audience and working with it.  But beware. Every audience is different so whilst lessons learned from the first night can be used to anticipate and enhance the performance don’t be surprised if the laughs come in different places.

But that is what makes live theatre so rewarding – it is a communication with the audience, a two-way interaction – not just for the actors but for the audience too.


Black Comedy… seats going fast!

Have you booked yet?  Click the links below the poster for more information.  Just over a week to our first night.


Produced & Directed by Richard Bateman

Cast: Tom Fryer, Wendy Fairburn, Nic Johnson, Wyn Price, Steve Howland, Rob Newton, Jayne Hewson, Adam Craven.

Click here for more information or here to book tickets.