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Summer, what summer?

The Petuaria Players continue to enjoy their summer break – or to be more accurate – their break – we are all still awaiting the arrival of a summer….

Those of us who are not escaping to warmer climes continue to meet every Monday and read potential scripts. The biggest change this year, and a great improvement over the past, is the use of more trial versions of digital scripts which we can group-read using eReaders and tablets such as iPads and Kindles. Obtaining plays to read with sufficient paper scripts can be extremely challenging but this method widens our scope resulting in more choice.

No we are not bored we are reading scripts out loud on our eReaders...
No we are not bored we are reading scripts out loud on our eReaders…

And that choice is almost upon us. Our first meeting takes place this week to look at our three plays for 2016/7.

But deciding upon our programme is not as easy as it sounds. We have to look at our cast availability for October, January, May. How many males and females are available for each one? What are their age profiles? Can we give a role to everyone who wants to act? Who is available for backstage work, sound and lights? This can mean that a play we think would be a popular success doesn’t even get past first base.  It usually involves casting one play as a keystone and then selecting the other two to meet any casting availability limitations. It means our programme can turn out to be quite different to how we expected before we start the process.

The Producers will meet and thrash it all out – imagine the closed door Labour Party National Executive Committee meeting today and you have an idea of what its like…  I’m kidding. Maybe.

But the end result will be another exciting and challenging programme. Watch this site for news.

Decision time

What a time we have had recently eh?  Decisions to make. Debates. Arguments. Reading, reading, reading. Will there be resignations? Who will be the new leader? Who will fill the various posts? Do we have a plan going forward? What about our finances?

No, not the Referendum… our Annual General Meeting on Monday.

Yes it’s been a summer of reading scripts to decide upon our 2016/7 programme.  A big effort has been made this year to source new plays and we have enjoyed reading them.  That part is almost complete and in the next couple of weeks we will be looking at the potential plays to perform and it looks exciting.   As soon as we have the programme agreed we will announce it initially through this page and our Facebook site.

The AGM agreed the society posts for the coming year. We are very pleased to announce that Mo Spence has accepted our request to retain her position as President once again.  The committee members will remain the same as last year and Richard Bateman was voted to remain as Chair.  (View our committee  here.)

Ticket prices have been frozen again at £6.  No that’s not a typo – six pounds will get you a night’s live entertainment and a free programme and a hot or cold drink and biscuit.  Now where else can you get that?

The meeting also elected our Producers for this year and again, details will be announced when we have the programme agreed so watch this space…..

Meanwhile keep the 27th, 28th, 29th October free – whatever we choose you know it will be a good night out.

It’s play reading time again

Yes, it’s our summer ‘break’ but only in the sense that we are not rehearsing a production.  It’s the time that when we are not basking in sunshine we are researching potential new plays and reading scripts and discussing what our 2016/7 season might be.

So we have nothing to tell you yet.  However, our mole can reveal what we are not doing.  Whether our source is bona-fide and accurate is debatable 😉

There is no truth in the rumour that we would ever do ‘The Full Monty‘. This play requires too many men and all with big parts. It was considered we could not meet all the relevant criteria. Rejected.

The Play That Went Wrong‘ has been described as a very funny successful comedy and physical farce about an amateur drama group where everything goes wrong on stage. Sounds to us more like a documentary. Rejected.

Plans for the annual Xmas pantomime have been postponed for the 52nd year running so let us repeat our message: We don’t do pantomimes. Oh yes you do. Oh no we don’t….

Our first attempt at a musical ‘The Sound of Music‘ has been abandoned as we risk breaking the trade descriptions act. Rejected.

Someone was keen on doing a Chekhov play until we pointed out he really, really wasn’t the Russian guy from Star Trek. Rejected.

Being a 400th anniversary year, it was suggested we perform a Shakespeare play as a tribute to his literary brilliance. Then we decided that the most respectful tribute we could do was NOT to perform a Shakespeare play… Rejected.

Enjoy your summer from all at Petuaria Players.

Neighbourhood Watch photos published

Thanks to Dave Hacket for once again taking rehearsal photos. We have published a selection in our latest gallery addition. Click on here: N.Watch Photo Gallery to take a look and comment if you wish.

Galleries from other recent plays can be found by selecting Galleries and the dropdown in the menu at the top of the page (a stack of bars on tablets and phones)