SCAM WARNING [re-issued post]

[re-issued to remove typo error in our correct email address]

Hi all. A quick note to advise we are getting reports of a scam email being sent to some of our followers – should you receive an email from this address:

petuariaplayers (at) gmail (dot com)

then please send to spam / junk and block it. Our correct address should be:

petuariaplayers (at) hotmail (dot co dot uk)

for all ticketing and newsletter communications.

General tip: If your email message headers only show a summarised name in the From section (eg Joe Bloggs rather than the full address of, say, joe.bloggs1234 @ then you can usually reveal the email address by tapping on the name and the full address will be shown.

This can often reveal whether the address is suspect – for example a mail purportedly from say Microsoft may reveal, when the address is pressed, a full address that consists of gobbledygook and looks suspicious. ( It is always good practice to have your email settings show a full email address rather than a short name as it can often reveal spam / junk. )


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