Stumps drawn on The Final Test

Yes it’s over a week since the end of play and we all walked back to the pavilion (or The Forum in our case). We have been resting and taking a break from what was a very popular and enjoyable production run of Chris Paling’s The Final Test. Thanks to all the audiences that supported us and to our non-member helpers who assist with set-building and refreshments during the play nights.

Shortly we will be posting photos from the play but first a look back on our preparation and first night.

The stage is set and almost ready to go

The set had been finished a few days before the show so we were finally able to test out all our rehearsal moves in the proper acting space for both tech and dress rehearsal nights. Our stage is not big but we managed to create a space that featured the three focal points of the garden chair, the French doors and the inside of the house.

Obviously the illusion of the set is broken when you are on the stage as these pictures reveal.

A few nerves yes, but on that first night there was real excitement at the prospect of being able to deliver our weeks of practice to an audience at last.

And then, suddenly, it was all over, Saturday night, emotions high, adrenaline flowing, buzzing. Tables were set up on stage afterwards (very appropriate – it looked like a party in Peter and Ruth’s garden, the summer sun under the hot floodlights). No photos exist of the bacchanalian and epicurean feast that took place that night – perhaps that’s as well as they would reveal merely a few beers and take-away pizzas and a tired crew.

The next morning a busy and tiring Sunday dismantling the set and the auditorium and packing vast amounts of everything away into confined spaces that defy dimensional space until at last we could relax. Flop. Sleep.

Post-play General Meeting night

The following night was our society meeting including discussion, analysis and lessons learned from the production.

So what’s next? Our next play is due in early May 2023 but more on that another time. Meanwhile you can expect to see a gallery of photos of the actual play from dress rehearsal night in our next post. Don’t miss it.

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