Marathon Man

Whilst the rest of us rehearse for our next production one of our well known members, Rob Newton, Petuaria Players stalwart, was training for the London Marathon which he ran successfully earlier this month.

We decided to take a break from promoting the play and take the opportunity to talk to him about his recent feat:

Steve: Rob, firstly, have to say congratulations on running the London Marathon recently, that’s a massive achievement.

Rob: Thank you. And thanks for asking me all about my personal journey – I certainly feel proud of what I…

Steve: Yes yes, I believe you achieved a running time of 3hr 49m 18s! That’s excellent. Did you know that our running time of ‘The Final Test’, our next play, is more in the region of two hours?

Rob: No, I mean, yes, it usually is but it’s not the same as….

Steve: You obviously love running, did you know we are ‘running’ a play in November?

Rob: Well I did yes, but as for my running and this year’s London Marathon I felt that it was very….

Steve: Ok, moving on, you must have seen a lot of the London sights on your trip. Did you see any posters for our next play “The Final Test”?

Rob: Uh, no…..

Steve: Keeping going for over 26 miles must be a challenge. What helped to drive you on? Was it the thought of getting back to drama to see ‘The Final Test’?

Rob: Well it was certainly a challenge and you do need to be mentally focussed. It’s an interesting fact that….

Steve: Mmm, yes, now obviously you can’t just go and run a marathon, I imagine it takes a lot of dedication, hard work, stamina and regular practice. In that way do you think it might be similar to rehearsing for a play, for example our current production of Chris Paling’s ‘The Final Test’?

Rob: Er, in principle yes, although I do think my efforts for this event were…

Steve: Do you have upcoming plans for any more long distance running or will you be coming to our next play “The Final Test” on November 10th to 12th?

Rob: Well I shall certainly keep jogging, yes, and you can keep ‘jogging’ people’s memory about ‘The Final Test’ ! Ha!

Steve: Ok thanks, Rob, leave the funny stuff to me.

Rob: But yes, I’ll be there. Nobody would want to miss ‘The Final Test’ at Elloughton Brough Village Hall in November.

Steve: Well said Rob, once again well done in the Marathon and well done for helping to promote our play today.

Rob: Mmmm. Thanks. I think.

Staying motivated in Greenwich

Seriously though, thanks to Rob for allowing our spoof interview and congratulations on not only running the marathon but raising around £1500 for Cancer Research UK.

Here’s the poster and booking details he was keeping his eyes open for 😉

One thought on “Marathon Man”

  1. Thanks Rob for reminding me about the play “The Final Test”, we will be there👍
    Oh, and well done on that morning run you went on😂👏👏

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