A Night With the Mime Stars…

Happy New Year!

We are all hoping that 2022 will be the year that we return to a form of normality, certainly one that will allow us to perform once again on stage to safe and healthy packed audiences.

We told you that we plan to perform Flatspin in April but more of that next time. Right now we want to tell you about another performance taking place in February that we at Petuaria fully support and recommend you go and see.

One of our members, Sally Morland, has been working very hard to create a show that will raise money for both the Dove House and MacMillan charities.

A Night With the Mime Stars is a show that will feature friends and family (and that includes some of the Petuaria members eager to get back on stage) who will be miming / lip-syncing to popular songs, whilst giving them a humorous spin. It all promises to be an entertaining and fun evening that will raise money for two charities that mean so much to so many people.

It’s a show not to miss and takes place at Blackie’s club in Brough. See the details in the promotion photo and tickets can be obtained from the contacts shown there.

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