Set Destruct

We have a great selection of photos from the play to show you in a few days or so – but before that a couple of posts about our experience of creating the production.   Firstly, have a look at this little video of our set-destruction last Sunday, primarily for those who haven’t seen it on our Facebook page.

And I’m also using this post as an experiment to see if we can successfully post video content onto the webpage so please feedback and let me know if it works.  

Note: those who are reading the email version of this post will need to click the blue title link (Set Destruct) as they can only be viewed on the web page.

Here is our time-lapse video of set-destruction – three days of hard work building it and three hours taking it all down.

And the above fails to show the team dismantling the platforms and tiers, the lifting of all the gear into the loft, dismantling back stage, returning masses of equipment back to our rehearsal room and more…

A few make it to the pub after set destruct for a well earned pint



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