Generations Apart: Yeah!

It’s really been a gas this time.  Oh man this play was totally far out.  We had such a fab time and our audiences really seemed to dig our performances.

Yes, suddenly it’s over and everything is packed away until our next production in three months time. We promised a good play and we delivered. Our audiences were treated to memories, great characters, laughter and tears, romance, high emotion and surprises.  A lovely play by the ever popular Peter Gordon, one that is just not performed enough.

And so we were very pleased to find Peter in our audience on our final night and to welcome him on stage after the performance for post-play drinks.  It was a great opportunity to discuss a play with its author and to appreciate the inspiration behind its creation.

So here are a couple of photos from our post play fun on stage. Watch out for more posts in the next week with photographs taken at the dress rehearsal.

You can visit the Peter Gordon Plays Facebook page here.

The cast with Peter Gordon seated centre: L-R Wyn Price, Tom Fryer, Jayne Hewson, Steve Howland, Janet Drewery, Rachel Miller.

Peter Gordon, the author of Generations Apart, on set with the cast & backstage crew.

Back row: Richard Bateman (Producer), Dianne Turner ( Costumes), Barbara Failey & Gill Collins (Props), Nic Johnson (Stage Manager)

Seated: Tom Fryer (Al), Wyn Price (Albert), Peter Gordon (Author), Janet Drewery (Olive)

Front Row: Reuben Sisson (Sound & Lights), Jayne Hewson (Anne), Steve Howland (Paul), Rachel Miller (Julie)

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