Still here!

Remember us? We have been quiet online but not so quiet in the Forum every Monday.  Our meetings continue and each week we find a new (sometimes old) play to read through and consider.  Every year we have the challenge of finding the magic combination; choosing three good scripts with casts that fit our actors’ availability, age and gender profiles.

Sometimes we are able to to read them in advance at home and others we sit and read together for the first time – sometimes this is a good experience and other times we turn the pages and then shuffle in embarrassment as we realise that the plot or the language may prove a little too much for the sensibilities of our local audiences.

Every week I become so engrossed in the readings that I forget to take a photo – so here is an accurate representation of when a play fails to stimulate our theatrical taste buds.  Note: any similarity to members alive or asleep is purely coincidental.

We have now had our Annual General Meeting and we have some news for you on that score, but that will save for our next post, coming shortly.    Meanwhile we are enjoying our summer break.

Ensure you have registered on the this website page for email updates so you can be first to know about our 2017-18 programme when it is announced.   Of course, you can always follow us on our Facebook page too.

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