Spirit Level – photos now online

Once again our thanks to Dave Hacket who took our rehearsal photos of Spirit Level.  Pam Valentine’s warm and sentimental play turned out to be more successful than we anticipated with wonderful feedback from our very appreciative audiences – laughs, oohs, ahhhs, awws and some tears.

Our cast
Our cast : from left,  Barbara Failey, Wyn Price, Nic Johnson, Tom Fryer, Gill Collins, Steve Howland, Sue Hart.

We love our traditional works but we are also pleased to be introducing these more recent works from established but less well known writers, certainly new to us.  We would highly recommended to other groups.

As for some of our great photos – please view our gallery page by clicking here.  [or the BLUE header if this is an email]

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One thought on “Spirit Level – photos now online”

  1. Spirit level was a real good laugh. We got lost in it. The cast were solid and their comedy timing was fantastic. The estate agent chap reminded me of the old colonel in Faulty Towers. Well done.


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