That photo….

A lot of people liked the poster for Black Comedy and in particular the photo and asked how it was done.

Black ComedyWell it’s actually a composite.  Steve explains:

“The concept was in my mind but how to achieve it? With limited time to take photos we got into costume during our rehearsal tea break and I took about 10-15 shots of each actor in various poses, including some of lit matches and a lighter, my idea being to create the final image in the ‘digital darkroom’ – my computer.”

BC_LRgrab“Then the hard work really began. Using Photoshop CC I selected poses from the seventy odd taken that would fit both the concept of the play and the character story and began to edit them to create a black background, artificial shadows, artificial pools of light from the inserted matches and so on.  Consisting of 30 or more layers of images and treatments and about  four hours work on a Mac the final image emerged….  and then the poster could be created which itself is another composite of about 20 layers….”


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