Xmas Charity raising

Usually in December we perform a carol singing evening locally to raise money for charity. We were unable to do it this year so members filled the charity box themselves.  This year we raised money for SUDEP Action, (sudden unexpected death from epilepsy), a charity which has particular meaning for one of our members.  Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our few Petuaria Players we raised as much money as we do from the public. Thanks to all those who contributed. 

The money raised has been passed to Steve’s brother, Keith, who has collected from friends, family and associates, including a cold dip in the North Sea on Boxing Day and is now sending the entire proceeds to SUDEP Action. The Players received the following note of thanks today;

Steve rang us last night while they were skiving inTenerife!! We would like to thank you all for your very kind donation to our son, Jamie’s, charity SUDEP (sudden death in epilepsy). We are very grateful for these donations as it is a relatively new charity and we understand that 3 people a day die of this in the UK alone, so we want to help with research in this field to stop these deaths from happening. In total, so far, since Jamie died in August 2015, we have raised over £1,600. So thank you, once again. Best regards, Keith and Judy Howland xx

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