Our programme for 2015 / 2016

Check out our UP NEXT page to get full details of our next three plays (click here to jump to the page) .PETUARIA LOGO_2

September finds us already a month into rehearsals for the start of our new season, having spent the summer reading and assessing potential plays. Everyone in the society has an input on our play selections where we try to arrive at a balanced and varied programme. The end result this year sees three very different comedy productions; SYLVIA’S WEDDING, a lovely 1970s set comedy by Jimmie Chinn; BLACK COMEDY, an unusual and riotous farce by Peter Shaffer and NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, a dramatic comedy by the master of this genre, Alan Ayckbourn.

Live theatre still remains one of the best forms of interactive entertainment so please come along and enjoy the experience.  We look forward to seeing you and so helping us to keep local amateur drama alive and well in our community.

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