summer garden party

It’s felt more like Autumn recently than Summer and those hot days we had seem a bit distant. It was during those warm weeks that we had a gathering of the Petuaria Players to celebrate the stepping down of our President Mo Spence after twenty five years in the role. Daughter Nicci and her husband Paul Robinson (both devoted supporters of the group) hosted the event.

Chair Richard Bateman present President Mo with flowers from the group after 25 years in the role

Our thanks to Paul and Nicci for a fun day, the wine was flowing generously and the food was equally plentiful and delicious.

Previous members joined current ones to join Mo on her day

Moreen (Mo) Spence can chart her involvement with the Petuaria Players to the very beginning – our first year, 1961. Then in 1994 after her first attempt at retirement the group asked Mo to be President. Since then she has supported the group and help keep us in check with her facts and figures and record keeping. After threatening to retire from her post for the last ten to fifteen years or so she finally made the decision to relinquish the role by making it a nice round 25 years.

President Mo and President-elect Wendy pose for the inaugural handover…

Assuming the mantle of responsibility is Wendy Elliott. We are very pleased to welcome her as our new President. Wendy may be known to some as a previously active member of the group on the stage, and is still a regular audience member.

To Mo we pass our thanks, our best wishes and love and know we will see her in the audience as usual.


We’re Back!

Our summer sabbatical is over already. This weekend we celebrated with our annual get together party – actually an excuse to imbibe alcohol and feast on yummy food. The predicted horrendous storm caused us to plan an indoor event rather than a summer evening outdoors and bbq. In the event the hurricane force winds turned out to be only of the hairstyle-ruffling sort.

Photos from the start, whilst we are still sober…..

Now the hard work starts again, but the fun continues – rehearsals for our first play start on Monday.

So watch out here for news and updates of changes over the summer break and, of course, the announcement of our exciting 2019/2020 programme.

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TATL Gallery photos

Yes, thanks to Dave Hackett and his trusty camera during dress rehearsals we have a selection of the photos to show you from our last production, ‘Take Away The Lady’ by Jimmie Chinn.

No jaw dropping action here, no fights, arguments or slapstick disasters simply the wonderful illustration of a murder mystery unfolding in a fifties household….

You can view the TATL photos page by clicking here.

All our recent play galleries can also be found under the menu tab Photo Gallery.

We are resting….

A collective sigh could be heard from the Petuaria Players a week ago when our intensive period of three productions between August 2018 and May 2019 came to an end. Not that we didn’t enjoy our plays but that the hard work was over for a little while and we could take a break for the summer.

As always this does not mean that we do nothing. We now research and read plays and meet up for group readings to prepare for a new season.

‘Take Away The Lady’ was very well received and the change of genre proved to be popular. We will post a gallery of images from the play later this week. But for now, here are a few from before and after the play. (scroll down)

Thank you to all who have supported us over our last season both as audiences and volunteer helpers behind the scenes. It is the helpers, especially at set build and set destruct, that allow us to produce the sets that we do and construct the seating areas making true the adage ‘many hands make light work’. It is also true to say that without that help we would struggle.

If you or anyone you know fancy lending a helping hand during these occasional weekends – a bit of simple labouring, a skill, tools that might assist, anything – then do get in touch with our secretary. And Saturday is always group fish and chips day – if that’s not a draw what is?

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