Photoshoot Night

Less than six weeks to go to our next play and rehearsals are keeping us busy as usual. The cast are trying to learn their lines – never easy, but this time with the extra difficulty of an American accent.  I guess we could always add a backstory to our characters having spent their childhood in Hull if we struggle…  and as long as we have nobody in the audience from Georgia we should be fine!

And this week we did a photoshoot for our poster concept and the results should be appearing – as soon as our ‘Creative & Graphic Arts Design Department’ gets his act together.

Setting up the poster photoshoot



The Hallelujah Girls tells the hilarious story of a group of women who, realising that time is precious following the loss of a dear friend, turn an abandoned church into a spa and beauty salon: Spa-Dee-Dah! But Sugar-Lee, their high spirited, determined leader, has her hands full keeping the women motivated and coping with obstacles arising from both the present and the past…

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Tickets are selling well so why not reserve yours now?  Production dates are April 27th, 28th, 29th.

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