Our programme for 2015 / 2016

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September finds us already a month into rehearsals for the start of our new season, having spent the summer reading and assessing potential plays. Everyone in the society has an input on our play selections where we try to arrive at a balanced and varied programme. The end result this year sees three very different comedy productions; SYLVIA’S WEDDING, a lovely 1970s set comedy by Jimmie Chinn; BLACK COMEDY, an unusual and riotous farce by Peter Shaffer and NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, a dramatic comedy by the master of this genre, Alan Ayckbourn.

Live theatre still remains one of the best forms of interactive entertainment so please come along and enjoy the experience.  We look forward to seeing you and so helping us to keep local amateur drama alive and well in our community.

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When is a Tweet not a Tweet?

The Petuaria Players are looking for a small birdcage for our next production. Our props department are on the lookout once again and maybe you can help.image

If you know of one going cheap cheap, or that’s within our budgie-t then please let us know as soon as possible. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

We will also try Facebook and, obviously Twitter. Who’s a pretty boy then?

Our Next Play is……..

Yes its about time we told you that rehearsals have started for the first play of the new season.  At the end of October we will be performing Sylvia’s Wedding by Jimmie Chinn.  sw

This is an author we have not read before but this play is a lovely bitter sweet comedy drama and we are looking forward to performing it for you.

Click here to go to our Up Next page for more details.

Our January and April plays will also be announced on here in the next few days as soon as we have the licences.

Why not register for email updates from this site and be the first to know of our news and posts? Use the ‘Follow Us by email’ box on the left of this page.


An echo from the past

Here’s a nice story.  When Lizzie Dixon posted on our Facebook page from Dubai recently with a publicity poster from our 1999 performance of Absurd Person Singular we were intrigued. 11899824_10207459576757545_5264796964366764367_nTurns out her Grandad was David Walters and he produced many of our posters from that era. Sadly, David died some years ago but Lizzie treasures his original poster drawings and has shared some of them with us.  He clearly was an inspiration to Lizzie, as she told us;

“He was fantastic! He inspired me to do acting when I was younger and gain a degree in advertising.”

David Walters
David Walters

Indeed David not only used his artistic talents on our posters and programmes but acted on stage too. A well-liked man.

Lizzie saw our posting of photos from our recent production of the play and it prompted her to contact us. She has more of his posters and we will be adding them to our archive shortly.drama025

Our rehearsal room is decorated with posters from plays over the years and because of Lizzie we now have some extras that we never knew existed!

David Walters (R) at a Petuaria social event
David Walters (R) at a Petuaria social event


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