Neighbourhood Watch poster goes live

Poster for Neighbourhood Watch
Poster for Neighbourhood Watch

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For our final play of the season we return to the master, Ayckbourn and a successful comedy penned as recently as 2011.  Brother and sister Martin and Hilda Massie live together, leading a quiet, Christian existence in the confines of the Bluebell Hill Development. As they prepare for a housewarming gathering, their peace is shattered by a young trespasser in their garden. The Massies’ neighbours congregate in their living room and together they agree to form a neighbourhood watch group to safeguard against further incidents….  but then an incident involving Monty the gnome escalates their plans…

New Project 2016-03-07 23-52-49
a break in rehearsals for Neighbourhood Watch

Produced by Janet Drewery.  Front row L to R: Dianne Turner as Hilda, Steve Howland as Martin, Gill Collins as Amy.  Back row L to R: Rob Newton as Gareth, Barbara Failey as Dorothy, Nic Johnson as Magda, Wyn Price as Rod and Adam Craven as Luther

Oh and of course Monty as himself.

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